Your complete Richmond Kentucky City Guide to the merchants, activities & services of Richmond, Kentucky!

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Calvary Apostolic KY 21 West, Berea 986-3753

Mt. Zion Apostolic 210 St. George St. Suite 4 200-0759

First Assembly of God 4th and Glyndon Streets 623-6513
Real Life Community Church 335 Glyndon Avenue 623-4639

Anchor Baptist Church Perkins Bldg. EKU Campus (temporary location)

Berea Baptist 310 Chestnut Street, Berea 986-9391

Bethel Baptist Scaffold Cane Road, Berea

Bethlehem Baptist 2101 Dreyfus Rd., Dreyfus

Blue Lick Missionary Baptist Blue Lick Road, Berea

Brassfield Bible Believers Baptist 235 Panola Rd., Waco 369-7025

Clarksville Baptist Berea Road 625-1052

Concord Community Baptist 1551 Moberly Road

Conway Baptist

Cornerstone Baptist 100 Cardinal Dr. 623-3373

Creekside Baptist College Hill Road, Waco 986-9805

Dixie Park Cornerstone Baptist 700 N. Powell Street, Berea

Eastside Baptist 2010 Catalpa Loop Road 624-9646

Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church 305 Elm Street, Richmond (859) 623-7407   WEBSITE

Emmanuel Baptist KY 21 986-2604

Faith Baptist Across from Army Depot 625-8548

Faith Decision Baptist 1325 Guynn Road, Paint Lick

Farristown Baptist 1842 Menelaus Road 986-2716

Fellowship Baptist U.S. 25 South, Berea

Fellowship Baptist 528 Baker Court, Richmond 985-8908, 626-1331

First Baptist Francis and Collins Streets 624-2045

First Baptist 425 Eastern ByPass, 40475 623-4028

First Baptist of Berea Middletown 511 Menelaus Rd. Berea

Flat Gap Baptist S. Dogwood Drive 986-6172

Friendship Valley Baptist Red Lick Road, Berea 925-2392

Galilee Baptist Mason Lake Road, Berea 985-0471

Gethsemane Baptist Old US 25, Berea

Gilead Baptist Poosey Ridge Road

Goodloe Chapel Baptist Brassfield

Grace Baptist Church Corner or Old Irvine Rd. and College Hill Rd. 369-7689

Harris Memorial Baptist 128 Green's Crossing Rd.

Hays Fork Baptist 4447 Hays Fork Lane 986-4545

Kirksville Baptist 542 Kirksville Road 328-4922

Knob Lick Baptist 89 Knob Lick Road, Irvine 623-4465

Liberty Avenue Baptist US 25 South, Berea

Lighthouse Baptist Gabbardtown Rd., Berea

Linden Street Missionary Baptist Maple and Linden Streets

Madison Baptist 2945 Lexington Road 624-9881

Middletown Baptist 2253 Menelaus Rd, Berea 985-7033

Mt. Nebo Baptist Jacks Creek Road 623-9244

Mt. Pleasant Baptist

New Faith Baptist Located inside Burn's Family Restuarant 623-4916

New Liberty Baptist 245 Smith Lane, Berea 986-2919

Lighthouse Baptist Gabbardtown Rd., Berea

Linden Street Missionary Baptist Maple and Linden Streets

Madison Baptist 2945 Lexington Road 624-9881

Middletown Baptist 2253 Menelaus Rd, Berea 985-7033

Mt. Nebo Baptist Jacks Creek Road 623-9244

Mt. Pleasant Baptist

New Faith Baptist Located inside Burn's Family Restuarant 623-4916

New Liberty Baptist 245 Smith Lane, Berea 986-2919

Pleasant Green Predestinarian Baptist College Hill 623-1194

Providence Baptist Winston Road, Estill Co. 723-7837

Red House Baptist 2301 Red House Road 623-8471

Red Lick Baptist Church Red Lick Road, Berea 986-2170

Richmond Predestinarian Baptist 902 East Irvine Street

Rosedale Baptist 411 Westover Ave. 623-1771

Silver Creek Baptist Hwy 21 East, Berea 986-LOVE

Stoney Run Baptist

Tates Creek Baptist Boonesboro Road

Trinity Missionary Baptist Jack's Creek Pike and US 25 North

Union City Baptist 2502 Doylesville Rd. 623-2845

Unity Baptist 1290 Barnes Mill Road 624-9464

Valley View Baptist Tates Creek Road

Victory Independent Baptist Boonesboro State Park Campground Recreation Bulding 859-228-0187

Viney Fork Baptist 1609 Brassfield Road

Waco Baptist 3646 New Irvine Road

Wallacetown Baptist Paint Lick Route 1, KY 21 625-1791

Westside Baptist Mary Street, Berea 986-3444

White Hall Baptist 3401 Colonel Road 623-5965

White Lick Baptist 906 Cartersville Road, Berea 925-4641

St. Mark Catholic 608 W. Main Street

St. Stephen the Martyr Catholic Newman Center 405 University Drive 623-9400

Antioch Christian 2280 Tates Creek Road

Bethel Christian Baldwin-Long Branch Road

Big Hill Ave. Christian Big Hill Ave. 623-1592

Community Christian 230 Boggs Lane 625-0758

Corinth Christian Crow Valley, Newby

First Christian Church W. Main and Lancaster Ave. 623-4383

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 206 Chestnut Street, Berea 986-4553

Flatwoods Christian 263 College Hill Rd., Waco 369-5454

Glades Christian Road, Berea

Kirksville Christian KY 595 at KY 1295

Madison Hills Christian 960 Red House Road 623-0916

Mt. Pleasant Christian 3085 Lexington Road 623-3880

Mt. Zion Christian 421 South

Salem Christian Poosey Ridge Road

Speedwell Christian 1630 Brassfield Road

Union City Christian 2473 Union City Road

Victory Christian Center 206 Victory Drive

Wayside Christian Center Menelaus Road, Berea 985-9465

Westside Christian 1432 Fairland Dr. 623-0382

White Oak Pond Disciples of Christ Goggins Lane and Barnes Mill Road 623-6515

Berea Church of Christ 357 N. Dogwood, Berea 986-4438

Church of Christ Brookline Subd. off Goggins Lane

Dreyfus Church of Christ Stillwagoner, Min. 986-9454

Richmond Church of Christ 713 West Main St.

Berea Church of God US 25

Church of God Lancaster Road 623-1488

Church of God MPGT 137 Pine Street

Community Church of God 219 Moberly Ave.

Estill Ave. Church of God 217 N. Estill Ave. 625-1758

Fountain Park First Church of God Fountain Park Subd.

Lexington Road Chuch of God 2336 Lexington Road 624-5190

Old Time Pentecostal Church of God Kay Street

Outreach Mission Church of God 1232 E. Irvine St. #4

St. Mark Church of God 107 Broaddus Ave. 254-6165

Victory Tabernacle Church of God 3129 Old Irvine Road 369-3690

Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 156 S. Keeneland Drive 624-2067

St. Paul AME Church 436 Francis Street 623-6819

The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour  2323 Lexington Rd.  Richmond, KY  835-623-1226   Email

Full Gospel Tabernacle 762 Kirksville Road 328-3020

Liberty Ave. Full Gospel Outreach Liberty Ave., Berea

Tabernacle of Refuge & Transformation 107 Broaddus Ave. Richmond, KY  40475 (859) 661-5480

The Gospel Barn 52 West, Lancaster Road 925-3011

Bearwallow Holiness

Irvine View Holiness

Pine Grove Holiness Bybee-Brassfield Rd.

Tates Creek Holiness 216 Tates Creek Ave. 623-8069

Valley View Holiness Church

Whitehall Holiness 3561 Colonel Road 625-4232

St. Thomas Lutheran Barnes Mill Road 623-7254

Berea United Methodist Chestnut and Fee, Berea 986-3485

Bybee United Methodist Loop #4, Irvine Road 859-887-5301

College Hill United Methodist College Hill Road 369-3174

Doylesville Methodist 369-7823

First United Methodist Main Street at Lancaster Ave. 623-3580

Paint Lick United Methodist Richmond Road 925-4441

Poosey United Methodist 1880 Poosey Ridge Road 623-9335

Red House United Methodist Red House Rd. 623-8942

United Pentecostal Church of Richmond 218 South Porter Drive 624-5669

United Pentecostal N. Estill Ave.

New Vision Pentecostal Holiness Church 331 Greens Crossing Road

Concord Predestination Church Charlie Norris RoadZ

First Presbyterian West Main St. 623-5323

Trinity Church PCA 315 Spangler Dr. 624-8910

Whites Memorial Presbyterian 401 White Station Road, Berea 986-7734

Berea Church of the Nazarene KY 1016

First Church of the Nazarene 136 Aspen Ave.

Rosemont Church of the Nazarene Hanover and Springview

Waco Church of the Nazarene 3915 Irvine Road, Waco

Seventh Day Adventist US 25, South Oliver Dr. 624-2484

Abundant Life Ministries
305 Geri Lane 625-1755

Berea Evangelistic Center Plaza Drive (past Arby's) 985-8491

Berea Friends Meeting 300 Harrison Ave. 623-7973

Body of Christ Ministries 1900 Lancaster Rd. 624-1462

Canaan Land Family Worship Center 229 Hallie-Irvine Street 625-1120

Church on the Rock 1049 Richmond Road, Berea

Christian & Missionary Alliance 1405 Barnes Mill Rd. 624-9878

Faith Family Fellowship 1783 Lancaster Rd.

Grace Fellowship 1010 Brandy Drive 626-5558

Great Shepherd Ministries 3313 Irvine Road

Grace Chapel 105 E. Street 622-2468

Harvest Family Fellowship 621 S. Keeneland Drive 624-8620

House of Worship 33 Mason Lake Road, Berea 985-0851

Islamic Center of Richmond 203 Hanover Street 625-0353

Kingdom of Heaven Ministry Center 312 Irvine St.

King's Tabernacle Lancaster Road

Liberty Chapel 464 Three Forks Road

Million Bible Tates Creek Rd.

New Direction Spiritual Center 918 Red House Rd. 624-0821

New Life Worship Center KY 21 West, Berea 986-9880

Peoples Church 640 Big Hill Ave., Ste. 4

Pilgrim Ministries 120 N. Broadway, Berea 985-5961 or 200-7050

Richmond Bible 607 N. Second St.

Richmond House of Prayer 330 Muleshed Lane

River Hill Lexington Road

River of Life Four Square Church 104 John St., Berea 985-7809

Salvation Army 1619 E. Main St. 624-5826

Shiloh Ministries 110 Lower Hines Creek 626-8161

Solid Rock 2087 Robbinsville Loop

Union Church Main and Prospect, Berea 986-3725

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 209 St. George Street, Richmond 527-3451 or 623-4614

Word of Power 400 Four Mile Ave.